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What is toptasker?

Toptasker is an online marketplace for people to outsource tasks and for freelancers looking to earn money and complete freelance jobs online.

what sort of work can I get done on toptasker?

From web design to data entry, WordPress customization to Search engine optimisation, Whatever it may be, we have freelancers representing every technical field imaginable. it’s free to post your project and there’s no obligation to hire.

how do I post a task?

Start by writing a concise job description. Tell us what you need done and how much your willing to pay. 

Freelancers will place offers to complete the work and all you have to do is pick the best offer.

It's always free to post jobs and there is no obligation to proceed.

WHat happens after i post my task?

Once you’ve posted your task, it will be published publicly on the task feed.

Freelancers who are interested in completing your task will place a Bid on your task.

Once you've reviewed and selected which Freelancer is best suited to complete your task, you can accept their bid.

Note: if you have not yet provided us with your credit/debit card details, you will be prompted to enter your card details and to add funds.

The task funds will then be securely held within an Toptasker Escrow Account until the task is complete.

You're in full control of the funds and release them to the Freelancer once the task is complete. 

i have posted my task, now what?

Once you post a task, you'll start receiving bids from our pool of freelancers to complete the job.

Once an offer has been accepted the status of the task will change from Open for bidding to work in progress.

The Job Poster then places the agreed task funds within a Toptasker Escrow Account, which are securely held with us until the task has been completed.

At this stage, you will need send them a private message via Toptasker messaging to confirm the finer details about the task.

Once the task has been completed head over to the task page and click “Request Payment”. This will then prompt the Job Poster to release the task funds to the Freelancers nominated bank account. 

how do payments work?

Once you accept an offer on a task you will need to upload the agreed-upon funds into escrow where funds are securely held with toptasker until the agreed-upon work is completed. You pay us and we pay the freelancer only once you approve the completed work. It's a win-win arrangement for both parties.

How can I cancel my bid?

Once you've placed your offer you will see it listed on the task page. If your offer hasn't yet been accepted, you can update your offer by selecting 'Update Offer'. Remember to select 'Continue' and then 'Submit Offer' to confirm the amount. 

If you have already been assigned to the task, you can't withdraw your offer. 

In this case, if you're unable to complete the task and need to cancel it, select the 'Cancel Offer' button on the task page. You will then be prompted through the task cancellation process. 

can i negotiate my quote in private without been seen in the public forum?

The comments section allows for all negotiations and discussions about the task to be public. This means you don't need to waste time providing the same answers to multiple freelancers questions. It also means we can be an open and authentic marketplace, we always encourage fairness and honesty at Toptasker.

how do i send a private message?

You can only send private messages if your task has been awarded to the freelancer. This allows you to exchange contact details with the Toptasker and arrange finer details about the task. 

Private messages are not available before a task has been awarded, however Toptaskers can ask questions and respond in the public comments area of a task. Please do not share any private information in any public areas of the site including any comments or attachments. This is for the purpose of your safety and privacy and to prevent spam. 

Once a task is awarded - you will be able to chat on our toptasker message service where you can share and receive files.

How do I chat with freelancers before I accept a bid?

You can use the public comments area on the task page to communicate with Freelancers. Use this to go into more detail or clear up any confusion about your task or ask potential Freelancers any questions you want to be answered.

Please don’t share any private information in any public areas of the site (including in comments or attachments) for your privacy, safety and to prevent spam.

Once you’ve picked the right freelancer for your task you’re free to privately chat. This can be done directly either through private messages. Then you can sort out the details to get the task done.

What is Toptasker Pay?

Toptasker Pay is our payment system that ensures payment protection for Employers and Freelancers in a seamless, secure way.

The steps below outline the Toptasker payment system:

  1. A task is posted by the Job Poster.
  2. The Job Poster receives offers from Freelancers who are willing to complete the task.
  3. When the Job Poster accepts an offer from their preferred Freelancer, the task funds are securely held within an Escrow account until the Job Poster is satisfied that the task is complete.
  4. The Freelancer completes the task and requests payment upon completion.
  5. The Job Poster releases the funds and the Freelancer receives payment into their verified bank account.

Make sure your details are up to date for a seamless transition.

how do i release a payment/get payment?

When the task has been completed the Freelancer is required to request payment by selecting the ‘Request payment’ button on the task page. You will be prompted to release payment to the Freelancer by selecting the ‘Release funds’ button. 

When will I receive the funds?

Once the poster has released the funds into your account please allow 1-3 business days for the funds to reach your registered bank account.

can I work as a freelancer?

Yes you can. In order to start bidding on tasks, you will need to register as a freelancer. this is a quick and easy  process and you can get started in as little as 5 minutes. 

Follow the simple steps below to start bidding on jobs.

  1. Register as a freelancer here
  2. Provide some information about yourself and what jobs you wish to complete.
  3. Verify your account and bank details so you can start accepting payments.
  4. Click on the browse tasks tab and open the task you want to complete.
  5. Click BID and then wait for the Employer to accept your offer.

Why do i need to add my credit card details to award a task?

We've recently launched Toptasker Pay which will ensure payment protection for Toptasker Workers and a seamless, secure way to get online tasks completed.

Toptasker does not support cash payments. When a bid is accepted, the funds for the task are securely held via Toptasker Pay until the task is completed.

The task funds are secured until you are satisfied with the task completed. You’re in control and can release the funds on task completion.

At the stage of accepting an offer, you’ll be required to Add Funds if your details aren’t saved within Toptasker. You will need either a credit or debit VISA or Mastercard. All your details are secure within Toptasker.

how can i contact toptasker?

Contact us via email on: [email protected]

Please allow 3-5 days for one of our support team to get back to you.

We currently don't offer phone support.


am i guaranteed quality work?

Escrow payments ensure the agreed-upon work gets completed to an acceptable standard before the freelancer gets paid. In the event a problem should arise, our dispute resoloution facility can help rectify the issue.

How Do I Know Payments Are Secure?

Payments are seamless and risk-free on toptasker. You pay us and we pay the freelancer only once you approve the work! It’s a win-win arrangement for both parties.

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