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Need a task done? Hire a skilled freelancer to get the job done!

Post your task to receive competitive bids from skilled people. Whatever it may be, use Toptasker to get it done cheaper, faster and safer than ever before.

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Tell us what you need done and invite people to bid. You’ll have offers in no time and there’s no obligation to hire.

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Skilled people will compete to win your business through bidding but you have the final say. Browse work history of bidders so you can hire with confidence.

Release funds when satisfied


Payments are risk-free. Funds are safely uploaded and held with us until the task is complete. click ‘Release Funds’ to authorise payment after you approve the work. It’s a win-win arrangement for both parties. 

More on payments

Payments are seamless and risk-free on toptasker. Escrow payments are in place to protect both the employer and the freelancer. Once you accept an offer on a task, simply upload the agreed upon amount into Escrow, where funds are safely held with us until the task is complete. When the task is done, click ‘Release Funds’ to pay the worker. It’s a win-win arrangement for everyone involved.

Why use Toptasker?

  • Receive free, no-obligation quotes at the click of a button.
  • Attract the skill level you prefer and decide what you're willing to pay.
  • Risk-free payments ensure you only pay for work on task completion.
  • Get your tasks done cheaper, faster, safer!
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Amazing Value

Our competitive bidding environment is designed to
get you the best value quotes so
let the numbers do the talking.

Quality Assurance

Explore worker profiles, browse work history
and view their track records
so you can hire with confidence.


Manage jobs using any device, track your quotes on the go, communicate securely and access the information you need from anywhere at anytime.

Payment Protection

Risk-free Escrow transactions ensure payment is not released to the worker until you're satisfied the task has been completed.

You're in control

Attract the skill level you prefer, decide what you're willing to pay and specify the cost schedule from one central platform.

Peace of mind

In the event a problem should arise our dispute resolution facility can help rectify the situation.

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